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break boundaries, not your budget.

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accessing equipment shouldn’t make it harder.


Renting with FUE- is simple and flexible.

Choose one of FUE-’s concise and comprehensive kits to rent.

After securing insurance for your kit*, pick up or have it delivered.**

It’s just that simple.

In alignment with Flashpaper Films’ mission of supporting independent trailblazers in film & media, FUE- is a solo project conceived to provide solutions for an uncompromising industry that attempts to dim the light of creatives at the expense of our hard-earned money.

It’s time to bring the excitement of filmmaking pa’fuera again. With FUE-, you will make it happen!

Powerful options to capture your stories:

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- RED Digital Komodo 6K Cinema Camera in full-body Tilta cage,

in Pelican rolling case

- Wooden Camera Battery Slide w/ D-tap output (attached to camera body)

- House-power cable for RED Komodo

- Two (2) IndiPRO Tools Micro-Series 99Wh Li-Ion V-mount batteries w/ Dual V-Mount Battery Charger

- Atomos Shinobi 7” 4K SDI/HDMI Monitor

- One (1) CinemaPro 256GB C-fast card

- USB-C C-fast card-reader

- Giottos Rocket Air Blaster

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- Sigma fp Full-Frame 4K Cine & Still Camera in full-body SmallRig cage,

in Eylar carrying case

- Two (2) Sigma Li-Ion batteries w/ charger

- Urth Leica L-to-Canon EF-Mount Lens Adapter

- PNY 512GB Elite-X Class 10 SDXC Flash Memory Card

- One (1) lens of your choice (from available inventory)

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- Sound Devices MixPre 10 II 12-Track Audio Recorder, in ARCO shoulder bag

- MixPre 10 II Battery Sled for 2 NP-F770 batteries (attached to recorder)

- 2 NP-F770 batteries w/ charger

- House-power cord for Mix Pre 10 II

- Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone

- Auray Professional Windshield for Shotgun Microphone

- K-Tek KE-69 Aluminum Boom Pole w/ coiled XLR cable attachment

- Canare Starquad XLR/M-XLR/F 6 ft Cable

- Audio-Technica ATH-M40X Closed-Back Monitor Headphones

- SanDisk Extreme 32GB SDHC Storage Card

Need more for your rental? No problemo.

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for essential add-ons.

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*See Terms of Service for information on required insurance coverage.

** Delivery available in NYC and NJ - fee subject to location of delivery.