Known synonymously as Flashpaper, Gabriel Cavounis is an emerging voice in film & media from Queens, New York. In nearly a decade of experience, Gabriel has produced narrative concepts that celebrate, dilate, and prospect the boundaries of our human identities and experiences. His growing body of work an ode to his Latiné and LGBTQIA+ communities and strives for a more inclusive and innovative future of storytelling.


Auto Body

Writer, Producer, Director, Editor

Set in Queens, New York - Auto Body follows Sebastian, a young drag queen struggling to embrace their identity while grappling with their relationship with their father, Manuel, who has blinders set on his car repair shop in Willets Point. Throughout the summer of 2011, the two face trials, tribulations, and an undeniable opportunity that tests the absolute limits of their relationship. Can Manuel grow to accept his child and be the father they need, or will Sebastian have to accept that this ride is one that must be driven through without Manuel?

Villa Cielo

"A Peek At Paradise” Teaser Campaign

Producer, Editor

Concept: Compelling visitors to book a stay at the vacation home through accentuating it’s elusive features with a chic backbone.

Boygirl Beauty

BE•YOU•TY Debut Campaign

Producer, Creative Director, Editor

Concept: Exploring the application of beauty products, both metaphorically and physically, while specifically highlighting

gender and sexual diversity.

Aēsop Roosevelt Field

Summer 2021 Skincare Campaign

Producer, Creative Director, Editor

Concept: adorning the universality of Aēsop’s personal care products.

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